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Stress in the workplace has been proven to cost Industry over 26bn p.a.
With record numbers phoning in sick because of heavy workloads and bullying, as an employer, your productivity will eventually suffer as valued, well-trained staff succumb to stress and either leave because they are unable to cope or their work is detrimentally affected.

So how can you, as an employer, help your staff? Remember that it takes time and money to get your staff into a well-honed, efficient team and to lose employees through stress can irreparably damage the team in addition to which, training new staff is an unwelcome additional expense.

Stress responds well to hypnotherapy and your staff can learn, under hypnosis, how to control their levels of stress.

By Learning how to relax. both physically and mentally, and changing negative thought patterns you will avoid stress-related illnesses.

We teach managers how to recognise early signs or stress in the work-force as early intervention can have more sucessful outcomes.

Our workshops will teach you and your staff how to recognise the early signs of stress both in yourselves and in others and ensure that your employees can de-stress at their desks in a matter of minutes, letting go of any anxieties at the end of the day so that they can leave the work place feeling relaxed and refreshed.

No matter what the size of your company, this method can be taught effectively in small groups or individually in in the workplace.
Learning how to relax is not only necessary but beneficial to your company in the long term.

We, as professional Hypnotherapists, are obliged by our Professional bodies to have a minimum amount of Continuing Professional Development every year and that can be very expensive especially as some of us can struggle to find clients during this recent recession.

We can provide workshops which will help you incorporate different methods into the treatment of your clients at an affordable price in the following:

Gestalt Therapy - how this can be incorporated into hypnotherapy

Person Centred Therapy - how to use skills which will help you gain rapport with your client.

Understanding Drugs & Alcohol - having a basic knoweledge helps when you need to devise a treatment plan for clients with substance abuse issues.

Other workshops to follow ...

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